Learn How to Promote & Market Your Business: Increase Your Sales, Find New Customers and Learn how to STAND OUT. 

It's Taken Us 12 Months to help 10,000 Entrepreneurs Generate Over 54 Million in Sales from our Strategies.











Can this happen to me?

Imagine waking up every morning confidently knowing that your business is going to make sales without you having to show up. 

Imagine never having to worry about where your next sale will come from because you put together a marketing system that finds your ideal customers for you while you sleep.

Imagine what it feels like when you’re able to focus on running your business, doing what you love, because your marketing is effectively taken care of.

That's what happened to me.

The Good News? 

You do NOT need a large following, a huge email list, a huge social media presence in order to start making sales.

We know what it takes to get your business making sales?

I'm telling you this because I know what it is like working everyday and all day, and at the end of the month your sales does not reflect your effort.

Getting more orders and traffic to your business is simply about using the right systems and strategies. 



You've tried it your way, now try it a different way.. 

What is the Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator?


The Power Your Launch™ is an online marketing accelerator designed to help business owners who want to sell online by teaching them how to put together marketing campaigns to generate leads and increase sales.

Step-by-step lessons, guidebooks, live trainings and accountability.


Frequently Asked Questions


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Who is this for?

No matter who you are… What your background is, or what you do for a living, you could be making more sales in your business by improving your marketing.

Who are the 10,000 students you've served already?

We serve product and service based business owners. (i.e services, agencies, e-commerce, retail, brick & mortal, online courses, real estate, beauty.. you get the idea yet?)


This is for you if..

✅  If at the end of every month you feel like you're being overworked and stressed about not hitting your sales goal for your business...

✅  If you’ve been trying to figure out how to begin automating your marketing to get consistent traffic and leads but have no idea where to start…

✅  If you’ve hit a plateau and you're not making consistent sales or getting to the next level… 


You've spent the last few months creating and building your offer with no marketing strategy or ways to consistently generate sales. You don't need more prayer, you need a strategy..


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Here's What You Get..


Live Coaching & Workshops

During the course, we will host live coaching and workshops where we answer questions about the course content, your business questions, and specific strategy for your specific business. All of these sessions are recorded so that you can watch and continue to learn from them again and again.


👉🏽 Value: $4000 

Private Facebook Community

Support from our student supported facebook group in our private community. Engage with other business founders from around the world. We have product and service business owners ranging from coaching & consulting, to beauty, skin, & retail products, and info-proneurs & online course creators.

👉🏽 Value: $2500 

Program Curriculum

Complete and up-to-date, step-by-step Program curriculum to guide you to running effective marketing campaigns.

👉🏽 Value: $8000 

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A Letter From the Founder,

Abu Fofanah 

'What makes this program different?'

It really is all about the student and meeting them where they are. We're so focused on helping them get out of their own way. Marketing is not an overnight thing, so being able to collaborate, get feedback and share with 10,000 other business owners is just amazing. There's nowhere else that can replicate what we're doing. And secondly, most important is our curriculum. We invest so much in our curriculum to make sure it's easy to follow, digestible, and of value. Lastly, as a business owner of 3 other businesses, I'm in the trenches. So I'm personally sharing what's working for me inside of the program.

'Why is understanding marketing so important?'

For me, it's more than just marketing. Marketing allows you to drive more visibility, which turns into sales, which should turn into business growth. And when you experience business growth it allows you to pursue your interests full time, it allows you to employ other people, and most importantly, it allows you to make a bigger impact. That's why marketing is important. I've been fortunate enough to do all of that, many times. So teaching others how to do it for themselves is truly inspiring to me. 

'What would you say to that person that's still on the fence.'

I would tell them, I understand but at some point, you have to jump. If you want to move faster and reach your goals quicker, you have to invest in your education as the CEO. What better way to do that, than to learn from someone whose actively up to speed on all the latest marketing activities.

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  • Marketing Accelerator Course (How to Launch 5&6 Figure Marketing Campaigns from Scratch)
  • Members ONLY Community + Networking 
  • Monthly Q&A's
  • Systems for automating your marketing efforts
  • Mastery Trainings: How to Write Ad Copy from Scratch 
  • Mastery Trainings: Analyze Your Ad Data & Testing Strategy 
  • Mastery Trainings: Building Your Customer Profile Roadmap
  • Mastery Trainings: Understanding Funnels and Conversions 

7-Bonus Trainings Included

  • Bonus: E-Commerce Mastery 
  • Bonus: Building a high sales website training
  • Bonus: Ad Prep + Lead Generation Academy
  • Bonus: Master Your Instagram Message
  • Bonus: How to sell high ticket services
  • Bonus: Consistent Thousand Dollar Ad Strategies
  • Bonus: How to Sell During the Holidays (Email Scripts) 


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If you take action now, we'll throw in 7 exclusive bonuses, you can use for your business immediately.

When you pay in full and join at the annual level, we'll give you 7 bonuses that will help you move your business forward.

Get 7 of my most popular bonuses filled with different strategies, case studies, and tactics to grow your business. 

  1. BONUS #1: Ad Prep Academy - Learn over 20 new ideas and strategies to generate consistent leads consistently in your business. Includes case studies.

  2. BONUS #2: Master The Gram - Set up and position your business to attract quality leads using Instagram organic strategies and turn your likes into subscribers.

  3. BONUS #3 Holiday Boom - Sell out during the Holidays - Allows you to easily set up your promotional campaigns so you can double or triple your sales during holidays.

  4. BONUS #4: Webinar Scripts - Get an outline of my exact email scripts, outline, and what you need to do in order to be successful selling your services/courses/digital products using a webinar.

  5. BONUS #5: Building Websites that Convert - Get the blueprint on how to build your website with the top most critical pages. It's what the highest converting websites all have in common.

  6. BONUS #6: My Thousand Dollar Ad Strategies

  7. BONUS #7: E-commerce Conversion - How to drive urgency for the sale. How to create really good product descriptions for your business. What tools and strategies to use to drive urgency and sales to your products.



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