Learn How to Promote & Market Your Business: Increase Your Sales, Find New Customers and Learn how to STAND OUT. 

It's Taken Us 12 Months to help 10,000 Entrepreneurs Generate Over 80 Million in Sales from our Strategies.











What is the Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator?


The Power Your Launch™ is an online marketing accelerator designed to help business owners who want to sell online by teaching them how to put together marketing campaigns to generate leads and increase sales.

Step-by-step lessons, guidebooks, live trainings and accountability.


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Who is this for?

No matter who you are… What your background is, or what you do for a living, you could be making more sales in your business by improving your marketing.

Who are the 10,000 students you've served already?

We serve product and service based business owners. (i.e services, agencies, e-commerce, retail, brick & mortal, online courses, real estate, beauty.. you get the idea yet?)


This is for you if..

✅  If at the end of every month you feel like you're being overworked and stressed about not hitting your sales goal for your business...

✅  If you’ve been trying to figure out how to begin automating your marketing to get consistent traffic and leads but have no idea where to start…

✅  If you’ve hit a plateau and you're not making consistent sales or getting to the next level… 


You've spent the last few months creating and building your offer with no marketing strategy or ways to consistently generate sales. You don't need more prayer, you need a strategy..


Join The Power Your Launch Marketing Intensive Today...

 **All Programs have most up to date content and trainings, including iOS updates.**

Pay in Full

  • 🧠 The Core PYL Marketing Accelerator Live Curriculum - 80+ hours of pre-recorded sessions with Abu, covering (1) Launch Successful Facebook & Instagram Ads, (2) Find Your Audience Online (3) Drive Traffic and Convert it to Sales (4) Establish Clarity around your Offer (5) Write Compelling Copy, (6) Build Funnels from Scratch (7) Create and Automate your Marketing System.  
  • 📚 PYL Marketing Accelerator Bonus Modules - Get Extra deep-dive video training on advanced tactics, such as e-commerce conversion mastery, growing your instagram, turning likes into subscribers, scaling with webinars, ads 101 foundation, lead generation strategies, and more.
  • 🚀 Our Full Marketing Accelerator Program for 12 months, which includes checklists, frameworks, templates and a master workbook to turn you into a Facebook ads & marketing beast…
    • Create Facebook ads consistently and effortlessly through our 5 Stages of the Effective Ads Framework, attract the right customers who are ready to buy.
    • Write effective copy for your marketing campaigns that truly resonates with your audience using our Copywriting Conversion Code Framework and templates.
    • Build your own Sales and Lead Funnel System that'll allow you to begin putting parts of your marketing on autopilot. 
    • Identify customers who are ready to buy using Customer Placement Map Process, a framework to helping you identify and craft better content for you audience, so that you can deliver the right message at the right time, to the right audience.
    • Prepared Marketing Learning Assessments, that’ll provide you with actionable feedback, and guidance, so that you can evaluate and measure your impact and progress. 
    • Set up the Perfect Marketing Campaigns, learn how to launch effective ads using our Rough Draft Ads Template so that you can limit your mistakes and put together effective marketing campaigns.
    • Redesign and Increase your sales with our Retargeting Framework, that’ll teach you how to re-engage with users who have already interacted with your brand so that you can maximize your budget and increase your profitability.
    • Identify winning ads and effortlessly scale through our Introduction to Scaling Strategies framework, so you don't have to guess. 
  •  🛠 Troubleshooting Process - you’ll learn how to troubleshoot your Facebook ads so that you can save time and focus on the implementation of the next marketing campaign.

  • 👥 Monthly Q&A calls - 12 months of access to our Expert Facebook Ads Coach, who’ll provide training and detailed feedback on putting together facebook ad campaigns.

  • 💌 Priority Email Support - 12 months of access to a dedicated support inbox - another hotline straight to us. We’ll help you with any query, concern or request you could possibly have regarding billing, or directing you to the proper communication channels.

  • The 7-Day Ad Challenge Checklist & Launch Process - Submit your ads the right way through our framework, that’ll get you ready to running successful marketing campaigns that convert. We’ll show you more tricks to launching your better ads.

  • The 5 Stages of the Effective Ads Framework - Get the entire 5-Stage Framework breakdown on how to become a better marketer to attract the right customers by building a system that’ll help you build the foundation and automate most of your marketing. 

  • 88+ Page Marketing Accelerator Workbook - Ensure your completion of the program and take rigorous notes by getting access to over 88 pages of workbook prompts, exercises, and strategies, as you complete the program.

  • Access to our Extended Coaches Network - just in case you need more support, outside of the group coaching, for a limited time, we’re offering personalized 1-on-1 support for a small additional fee from other successful Facebook Ads coaches at a subsidized cost from what they usually charge. Get to your goals quicker by utilizing the network.

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What's Inside

We'll cover everything you need to know in order to be successful

Take control of your marketing with these comprehensive courses.

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Facebook Ads and Building Effective Marketing

We're going to break down how we're going to think about building marketing campaigns that resonate with our audience.

Module 2: Targeting - Find Your Audience, Develop Your Message, Craft Your Offer

Learn everything about targeting your audience online, including how to write copy that resonates and how to position your offer to drive an urgency to purchase.

Module 3: Building Our Ads From Scratch

Let's understand how to navigate the ads manager, setting up our audiences, creating our asset library, understand how to navigate ad violations, etc. 

Module 4: Funnels & Customer Journey

How do you lead your customers on a journey to purchase from you? We'll cover what you need to do to build funnels and increase your conversions on the path to purchase.

Module 5: How to Drive Consistent Conversions

Have you ever wondered how to increase your order cart value, or sales per customer? We're going to focus on reading the data and what needs to be done in order to drive sales.

Module 6: Launching Your Ads

This is the moment we'll put it all together from scratch. We'll show you what to select, what to set, and how audiences to target first, etc.

Module 7: Post Launch; Analyzing Results, Reading Data, & Scaling

After you publish your first few ads, now what? We're going to show you exactly what you need to do in order to have continued success.

Module 8: Graduation + Certificate + Last Training

Okay, before you go, there's a few more things. Actually, there's a lot more things. Let's talk about it.


** 7+ Additional Bonuses**


If you take action now, we'll throw in 7 exclusive bonuses, you can use for your business immediately.

Get 7+ bonuses if you enroll before midnight EST.

Bonus 1: Ad Prep Academy ($997 Value)

Learn over 20 new ideas and strategies to generate consistent leads consistently in your business. Includes case studies.

Bonus 2: Websites that convert (E-com & Service websites ($297)

Building Websites that Convert - Get the blueprint on how to build your website with the top most critical pages. It's what the highest converting websites all have in common. 

Bonus 3: How to Sell via Webinar ($297)

Get an outline of my exact email scripts, outline, and what you need to do in order to be successful selling your services/courses/digital products using a webinar.

Bonus 4: How to Sell During the Holiday ($297)

Sell out during the Holidays - Allows you to easily set up your promotional campaigns so you can double or triple your sales during holidays.

Bonus 5: Master the Gram: How to Organically grow your Instagram ($297)

Set up and position your business to attract quality leads using Instagram organic strategies and turn your likes into subscribers.

Bonus 6: My Thousand Dollar Ad Strategies ($297)

Learn how I put together some of my most successful marketing campaigns.

Bonus 7: Foundation + Lead Generation

Learn the ads basics of campaign, lead generation, sales generation and types of lead magnets.

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Do I need a huge budget to get started running ads?

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A Letter From the Founder,

Abu Fofanah 

'What makes this program different?'

It really is all about the student and meeting them where they are. We're so focused on helping them get out of their own way. Marketing is not an overnight thing, so being able to collaborate, get feedback and share with 10,000 other business owners is just amazing. There's nowhere else that can replicate what we're doing. And secondly, most important is our curriculum. We invest so much in our curriculum to make sure it's easy to follow, digestible, and of value. Lastly, as a business owner of 3 other businesses, I'm in the trenches. So I'm personally sharing what's working for me inside of the program.

'Why is understanding marketing so important?'

For me, it's more than just marketing. Marketing allows you to drive more visibility, which turns into sales, which should turn into business growth. And when you experience business growth it allows you to pursue your interests full time, it allows you to employ other people, and most importantly, it allows you to make a bigger impact. That's why marketing is important. I've been fortunate enough to do all of that, many times. So teaching others how to do it for themselves is truly inspiring to me. 

'What would you say to that person that's still on the fence.'

I would tell them, I understand but at some point, you have to jump. If you want to move faster and reach your goals quicker, you have to invest in your education as the CEO. What better way to do that, than to learn from someone whose actively up to speed on all the latest marketing activities.




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