How to Scale Your Business to the NEXT Level with Facebook Ads

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Program Outline



Scale To Six Program

Scale to Six is our next level advanced program that focuses on optimization and driving conversions. You’ll be learning a lot more technical strategies on converting and scaling your business using ads.

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Live Coaching & Workshops

Join me and my highly trained coaches for live group coaching calls, where we answer questions about the course content, your business questions, and specific strategy for your specific business.


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Private Facebook Community

Live 24/7 support from my team of coaches in our private community of other business founders from around the world. We have product and service business owners ranging from coaching & consulting, to beauty, skin, & retail products, and info-proneurs & online course creators.

[1 Year Access]

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Curriculum Outline:

✅ Module 1: Introduction to Scaling
✅ Module 2: Understanding Your Numbers
✅ Module 3: Conversations with Your Customers
✅ Module 4: Creating Content that Converts
✅ Module 5: Advance Targeting Strategies
✅ Module 6: Advance Scaling Strategies

What You'll Learn

  1. How to Increase your Conversions 
  2. How to determine your monthly/quarterly Sales Projections
  3. How to use the Conversion calculator to determine your ad spend
  4. How to Set up your Conversions Funnel
  5. How to Use Customer Conversations to scale
  6. How to Create Content that Converts
  7. How to use the 'Honey Post Method' to Attract Your Ideal Customers
  8. How to deal with Customer Objections
  9. How to Scale using Campaign Budget Optimization
  10. How to Scale with Look-a-like Audiences
  11. Introduction to the Targeting Matrix
  12. How to Scale Vertical vs Horizontal
  13. How to Re-target your Most Valuable Buyers
  14. Advance Targeting Strategies
  15. And so much more!

Student Results:


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Also Includes our Signature Program: Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator



Additional Curriculum

  • Module 1: Introduction to Facebook Ads 
  • Module 2: ALL About Targeting
  • Module 3: Building Your Ads From Scratch
  • Module 4: All About Funnels
  • Module 5: Introduction to Conversions
  • Module 6: Launching Your First Few Ads
  • Module 7: Post Launch Activities
  • BONUS: Ad Prep Academy (Case Studies, Strategies, & Email Scripts)
  • BONUS: How to Increase E-Commerce Conversions
  • BONUS: Building Websites That Convert (For product & service business owners)
  • BONUS: My Thousand Dollar Ad Strategies 
  • BONUS: How to Sell During the Holidays
  • BONUS: How to Position Your Instagram (Turn Likes into Buyers)
  • BONUS: How to Sell Using Webinar (Scripts & Emails Included)

Summary of What You'll Get


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Scale to Six Advanced Facebook Ads Training Program - One Payment


Normally $7,500

  • Includes 6 Modules on Scaling Your Business
  • INCLUDES Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator
  • Content Updates (most up to date trainings)
  • iOS Updates Covered

Scale to Six Advanced Facebook Ads Training Program - One Payment


2 Monthly Payments

  • Includes 6 Modules on Scaling Your Business
  • INCLUDES Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator
  • Content Updates (most up to date trainings)
  • iOS Updates Covered

About Your Instructor

Since 2011, Abu Fofanah has helped more than 100,000 entrepreneurs. Abu is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs with the digital marketing skills in order to bootstrap their company.

Abu travels the world and teaches business owners, students and Fortune 500 companies how to use social media to increase their sales.

He's taught and spoke at Harvard Business School and University of Pennsylvania. Previously at a prominent digital marketing agency, he worked with & coached hundreds of clients and created campaigns that generated millions of visibility and sales. He’s the prominent industry expert around paid advertising and digital strategy.

Featured In:

CEO of Base Butter

"I don't even know where to begin. I never thought it would be possible making $15,000 in 3 months!! Abu and his team challenged us and it was extremely hard because we had built a lot of bad habits. But being able to have access to him, the trainings, and his knowledge literally made all the difference for our business. For the longest, Base Butter was just a small indie beauty brand who struggled making $500 a month but now we're making over $5,000 a month!"

Tonya Rapley

CEO of My Fab Finance

"Can you say Amazon Best Seller in 24 hours?! Abu and his team were truly heaven sent! I heard so many great things about him months before approaching him to help me launch my first book. I told Abu, I had never done this before but I wanted to really hit the ground running when I launch. He spent everyday helping me plan this launch and designed the entire marketing strategy behind it. Abu knows the ins and outs of marketing and monetizing online. We are still working together till this day."

Ronnie (Mitchell)

CEO of Los Angeles Oils

"I'm a Licensed Esthetician and about two months after tarting the program I was able to stop seeing clients completely and solely focus on selling my product line. I sold over $250,000 in 12 months because of Abu and his team through the marketing accelerator."

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